Space Channel 5 Is Coming To VR, Space Cats!

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Sega’s colorful space disco rhythm game Space Channel 5 is back! Well, kind of. Reporter Ulala will be coming at you with the  Space Channel 5 VR “Ukiuki Viewing Show” during this year’s Tokyo Game Show for a special presentation.

As part of a joint effort between mobile provider KDDI and Sega, the VR project will be playable via the HTC Vive headset at HTC’s Tokyo Game Show booth. So far, it seems like there will be limited interactivity with this demo, but that doesn’t mean that a full VR game couldn’t happen in our foreseeable future.

For the uninitiated, Space Channel 5 is a funky version of Simon Says with an intergalactic groove. As swingin’ space reporter Ulala, you make your way through several different locations all in the name of bringing Space Channel 5 viewers the best coverage possible (100% viewer rating equals a perfect report for the stage). While reporting, you’re met with hula-hooping music teachers, tentacle monsters, malevolent plant life, and even rival reporters such as the blue-clad waif, Pudding. But there’s no time to dwell on petty rivalries when the fate of the universe it at stake. It’s up to Ulala to save humanity from being forced to dance themselves to death.

Space Channel 5 is one of the greatest rhythm games of all time, though there hasn’t been a new entry in the series for quite some time. It’s every fan’s collective hope that the fact it’s even being referenced at such a huge convention may signal a glimmer of promise for the the game going forward.

What’s your favorite stage from Space Channel 5?

Featured image credit: Sega

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