SOUTH PARK’s ‘Kyle’s Mom’ Gets an Epic Broadway Rendition

South Park will soon do something no one could have predicted when the show premiered in 1997. On February 2 the legendary animated series will return to Comedy Central for its 25th season. Yeah, twenty-five seasons. Such a momentous occasion obviously calls for a momentous celebration. And that’s exactly what the show has delivered. With an epic rendition of one of its most famous songs. It’s a track that dates back all the way to the show’s first season. A number so good it also got a mega-sized version in the show’s 1999 big screen entry Bigger, Longer, and Uncut. A 30-piece orchestra and a collection of Broadway singers came together for a fancy take on “Kyle’s Mom.”

The Hollywood Reporter first shared this grand performance of a South Park classic. It comes from the show’s creators, Matt Stone and Trey Parker. The pair gathered an entire orchestra to accompany Broadway stars Nikki Renee Daniels, Tamar Greene, Jeff Kready and Elizabeth Stanley in this swelling version of “Kyle’s Mom.”

Stephen Oremus, who arranged the piece, took this funny song dead serious. He told THR he called some of the most talented Broadway performers he knew to bring this classy cover to life. And it was so classy South Park‘s iconic young foursome dressed up for the event. Three of them really enjoyed it too. Kyle, obviously, did not like hearing his mother’s name besmirched. Again.

The four South Park boys dressed in tuxedoes for the Broadway orchestral version of Kyle's Mom
South Park Studios

Poor Kyle had to sit through Cartman’s original season one version. Then he had to deal with a featured film rendition, one that had the children of the world joining in. Now, all these many years later, he’s still dealing with the whole world bopping along to a song about why his mother is the worst.

But the song is both timeless and catchy as ever. Whether it’s a foul-mouth cartoon character or talented Broadway performers singing it, it’s a great track. Also, if we’re being completely honest, even after 25 seasons Kyle’s mom is still…well, you know.

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