SOUR PATCH KIDS Cereal Will Make Breakfast a Lot Tangier

Like the sassy American cousins of favorite Doctor Who sweet treats Jelly Babies, Sour Patch Kids satisfy the unusual urge to devour faux-sentient candy, adding a kick of sourness to wrinkle your tongue and make the inevitably sweet chaser extra-sugary good. It’s a recipe for longevity, and indeed, the tart n’ tempting creations have been going strong since the ’70s, when they were originally known as Mars Men.But diversifying is the name of the game nowadays, and being perhaps the most popular kind of gummy at movie concession stands nationwide just isn’t enough market penetration when there are further avenues to be explored. And despite the fact that breakfast cereals, desserts, and candy have blurred the lines between one another for years, sourness in cereals has never really been a thing. Until now.

Via Foodbeast, Sour Patch Kids cereal will be debuting in Walmart stores the day after Christmas, presumably once all the holiday themed peppermint items have been moved to clearance. Other retailers will follow that lead in the new year, and we hope the plethora of fill-your-own-bowl frozen yogurt chains out there will take heed as well.Post describes the cereal as “glazed with a sour coating,” which could also sum up some of your relatives at Thanksgiving dinner as well. These should be considerably more digestible, and lead to the good kind of sharp tongue.Are your tastebuds ready for the wonderful mixed signals these adorably acidic flavors are about to imbue your morning meal with? Get sour or sweet with your thoughts in comments.

Image: Post Cereals

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