Build a Magical Game Night Around SORCERER CITY

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If you’ve ever wondered what job you might have in a world full of wizards, try being the architect of an ever-changing city in the magical Sorcerer City! This innovative game combines both deck building and tile placement as you and two to six of your fellow sorcerers compete to rebuild a city into its best version of itself. But be careful—when you’re trying to outwit your competitors, make sure you don’t outsmart yourself!


In the sprawling Sorcerer City, you and your opponents will be competing over five rounds, or five “years,” to build up the mystical city and keep it safe from invading monsters. Let Becca Scott show you how to set up the game and How To Play Sorcerer City.

As the round begins, each player places tiles to build their own section of the city simultaneously. While the colors don’t have to necessarily match, the more connected colors, the more points you’ll score. Use the Money, Magic, Influence, and Prestige tracker to count up your score depending on the tiles you placed and the goals you succeeded at, such as connecting tiles of requested colors or connecting shield icons.

Once the building phase is complete, the player with the most influence wins the reward for the year and prestige points to go along with it. Then it’s time to buy more tiles from the market and activate monster and magic cards. Play continues for five rounds total, and the player with the most prestige at the end of the game wins.

Watch Becca and friends play Sorcerer City in this mesmerizing episode of Game the Game.

Thanks to the randomization of tiles and each player’s unique strategy, no two games will ever be the same. And with gorgeous art on the tiles, special attention paid to making the game easy to pack up, and high-quality game components, no stone of Sorcerer City was left unturned to give you a fantastic game experience. Pick up Sorcerer City now to make your next game night magical.

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