Sony Is Bringing The Walkman Back For Your Listening Pleasure

Behold! Sony is bringing back the Walkman to give you all the nostalgic feels. But before you get all excited, this isn’t the cassette playing device from your childhood. The 40th anniversary edition of the Walkman has a high-resolution touchscreen music player that can stream over Wi-Fi using an app.

There’s a special logo on the back and a case that looks exactly like the original TPS-L2 Walkman. So, it’s a lot like an updated version of an iPod…which no one really uses anymore because smartphones exist. But perhaps the love for throwback things or a need to bridge the gap between generations will be enough to reel some buyers in.

Per Billboard, the Sony NW-A100TPS runs for around $900 but there will be a cheaper version without the special logo. It admittedly has a couple of cool features, including a digital amplifier, vinyl processor, and an impressive 26-hour battery life. However, the coolest thing that Sony could have done was have a special edition release of the old thing so fans could dig out their cassettes and CD’s for a nice old-school vibe.

We almost miss hearing those tracks skip if we run and carefully untangling ribbon so we don’t mess up our fave mix-tape. This Walkman feels new and like it might somehow make life easier, which isn’t fun at all. How will we tap into our inner Quill with this sleek device?!

The device will be available starting November 2019 in Europe but there’s no word on when (or if) it will make its way to the US. It’s likely that Sony is testing the product in one small area and will push it out further if the response and sales are up to par. So if you want it, now is the time to start gathering your dollars for a piece of Walkman history.

Image Credit: Sony

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