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With the adventure coming to an end, The Deadly Grind releases their catalogue of songs from ForeverVerse. Now you can check out all the amazing songs wherever you go on Spotify or on iTunes. Here’s the band to talk about what inspires them to create as well as some of their favorite songs on the new album.

We wanted to make the songs sound as real as possible. Meaning, make us sound like a real duo/band who might have released these songs in the universe our characters were living in. This was a challenge at first that quickly became a comfortable way to write. We wanted to make them catchy pop songs that anyone would like, regardless of whether they knew the context, or watched the show or not.

Jason Charles Miller‘s Favorites

“In This Town”

While playing the game ‘ 7th Sea,’ our characters had just had a very bad experience with the town guards who were throwing people in prison if they worshiped the wrong gods, and we were pretty powerless to stop it. We then got kicked out of a store in the same town while trying to solve the mystery of where our allies had been taken. We wrote about how depressed and dejected our characters were feeling, but these lyrics can be applied to any creepy town.

“The Rage Within”

While playing ‘ Werewolf: The Forsaken,’ Keller’s character, in order to survive, needed to go into a werewolf rage and he ended up attacking the party. This is a song that is VERY literal if you watched the episode, but actually very ambiguous if you haven’t. Plus I LOVE our vocal harmonies at the end of the chorus. I’m not even sure how we pull that off every time, but we do!

Amy Vorpahl’s Favorites


This little gem came from our opening act in ‘7th Sea’ when we appeared on a marooned boat near the town that we would spend a lot of our time in. While the more active adventurers wanted to explore the boat, Jason and my characters decided to pilfer through what had washed up on the shore. We started with the title, and the song very quickly became a love song with as many ship and sea metaphors we could pack into it. Still, it’s probably my favorite song on the album because of how lost yet hopeful it sounds.

“I’m Just A Song”

This song was inspired by Hal and Hope’s alpha backstory. In their story, their band, the Thunderhawks, became famous when Hope wrote an off-brand song for the group. Well, we decided to write what that song was, and it turned into a cute little inspirational song where ‘the song’ character is trying to do her best to cheer up the listener who’s feeling blue. I honestly could listen to this cheery Disney-ish song all day.

What are you favorite songs to listen to while playing RPGs? Let us know in the comment section below and make sure you catch all of ForeverVerse on Twitch or Geek & Sundry.

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