Someone Got a Perfect Score on GUITAR HERO’s Hardest Song at 150 Percent Speed

It’s been about a decade now since the Guitar Hero series reached peak popularity, and what a time the mid-2000s were.

Kids the world over were introduced anew to classic rock song, namely DragonForce’s “Through the Fire and Flames,” which was an especially difficult tune to crack on the game. The song isn’t easy to beat without failing in any capacity, but maybe you had a friend who could do it, or could even do it with at or around 100 percent accuracy. Now, somebody has upped the ante by perfectly playing that song at 150 percent its original speed (via Digg).

In the video they uploaded to YouTube, Twitch streamer randyladyman shows a few different false starts, to give some context about how difficult the feat was, even for somebody whose fingers have spent as many hours rapidly hitting buttons as theirs have. They’re actually playing the song on Clone Hero, a fan-made version of the game that has more customization options (such as playing the song at different speeds), but it’s the same song with the same layout and the same difficulty. Whether you’re focusing on the player’s fingers or the quickly scrolling circles moving down the screen at impossible speeds, it’s a real marvel, even here in 2018.

Were you ever able to beat “Through the Fire and Flames,” or was it just too hot for you? Which other Guitar Hero songs did you always have a tough time nailing down? Let us know what you think down in the comments!

Featured Image: Activision

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