Someone Built the Board Game from Game of Thrones

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Winter is almost here, so why not curl up with a traditional Westerosi game? Not the one you’re thinking. The *other* one.

Fans of George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire books (sorry casual Game of Thrones watchers, this one’s not for you!) should be familiar with a game presented in the series called Cyvasse. Discussed in a number of the novels, it is played across Westeros, though its particular rules are never discussed at any great length. Each player has a number of pieces from Spearmen to Elephants and even Dragons. On its face, the game plays a bit like a combination of Risk and Chess. Some detail oriented fans have even extrapolated rules from the scant details outlined in the novels, and you can play a homebrew version if you’re so inclined! Seems custom made for tabletop fans, right? Too bad it’s not real.


One determined fan contacted UK-based Bristol Design Forge to create for them a one-of-a kind Cyvasse board, and the results are GORGEOUS.

Bristol Design Forge specializes in laser-cutting incredible pieces for an equally incredible list of clients, including Volkswagen, The Great British Bake Off, and Courvoisier, among others. But fear not fans–for the amazingly reasonable price of about $130, a specially cut Cyvasse board can be yours! Hop on over to Bristol Design Forge’s  etsy page to pick one up, and make sure you swing on over to their  Facebook and show them some love.

What’s another game from fiction you’d like to see realized? Did you know Tyrion is kind of a badass at Cyvasse? Leave us a comment below!

Photo Credits: Fantasy Flight Games, Bristol Design Forge

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