Somebody Made a Giant Fidget Spinner Costume That Actually Works

As fidget spinners continue to take over high schools and therefore the world, everybody is trying to find fun new ways to get involved in the global meme. So a guy named Rob Cockerham decided that he would make his mark by doing something nobody has done before: make a functioning and wearable fidget spinner costume that actually spins ( via BoingBoing).

Aside from the demo video above, Cockerham also detailed his construction process enough so you could follow his guidance and make one of your own if you so wanted. To oversimplify it, the costume was made with a lazy susan bearing, styrofoam, plywood, and a padded shoulder harness. There’s a bit more to it than that, because you’ll need some know-how to actually get this project off the ground.

Cockerham made this on just eight days notice after hearing that a comic con was going to be in Sacramento, and after wearing it there, he described the scene and the reactions that his show-stealing creation inspired:

“Downtown was crowded with people, and comic book nerds were packed everywhere, lining up to get into the Con. I turned the corner into full view and was greeted with open iphones, gaping mouths and spontaneous applause! It was awesome! The gigantic fidget spinner was an absolute hit that the crowds loved!


I love being stopped for photos, and with the fidget spinner costume I had a special trick: Invariably the photographer would click through and snap a picture, thank me and then slowly realize the whole truth.

‘Does it…. spin?’

I would slowly nod. “Yes. It does!” Then I’d back up and give it a big whirl and they would shriek or just shake their heads in amazement. It was incredible!”

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Watch the video above, and let us know in the comments what other cool fidget spinner-related projects you’ve seen out there.

Images: Rob Cockerham/YouTube

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