Stop Worrying So Much About Solo: A Star Wars Story

By some accounts,  Solo: A Star Wars Story has had a difficult production. It’s rare for a studio to ditch its directors so late in production, but that’s exactly what happened when  Chris Miller and  Phil Lord exited the film.  Ron Howard was brought in to finish the movie and complete reshoots. Fan anxiety was already high when new reports suggested Solo is in even worse shape than originally thought. But before you get too worked up, today’s  Nerdist News is going to explain why the internet may be overreacting…again. 

Join guest host  Amy “Nerf Herder” Vorpahl as she runs down  Vulture‘s recent piece on Solo, which relied on a first-hand account from an anonymous actor who was present for both Miller and Lord’s time on the film and for Howard’s reshoots.  According to said source, Miller and Lord’s style of directing was simply too chaotic, while Howard’s presence on the set greatly increased morale among the cast and crew.

That certainly lines up with everything we’ve heard so far. But we have to address the actor’s closing comment: “They have to make [Solo] good after  The Last Jedi didn’t make as much money as expected. If they want to keep making Star Wars movies, it has to be good.” That’s simply not true. The director switch happened months before The Last Jedi hit theaters, so it had nothing to do with the decision to reshoot this movie. Also, there’s this weird perception that The Last Jedisomehow failed because it couldn’t reach  The Force Awakens stratospheric success. But The Last Jedi is still the ninth highest grossing film of all-time, which is about as far from a failure as it gets. Disney certainly isn’t going to give up on Star Wars after that.

Additionally, there are unverified rumors about Solo‘s script being “unworkable.” Considering Howard’s reshoots were made using the original script, we doubt Lucasfilm saw it as a problem. Longtime Star Wars screenwriter Lawrence Kasdan and his son, Jon Kasdan, wrote Solo‘s script together. We have faith in their ability to deliver a solid story.

Do you think the internet is overreacting about Solo‘s production woes? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

Images: Lucasfilm

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