Add Some SOLO Style to Your Own Cape Closet

If there’s one thing Star Wars fans can agree on, it’s that Solo: A Star Wars Story has style. Obviously, Donald Glover’s Lando Calrissian and his 35 capes are the standout, but don’t miss out on admiring the rugged look Han Solo is sporting or the statement pieces you’ll spot Qi’ra wearing throughout the movie.

Feel a little scruffy-looking yourself and suspect you need to add a little Solo style to your own wardrobe? Take a look at these costume replicas, along with clothing and jewelry inspired by the latest Star Wars film. You better buckle up, baby.

Who’s Scruffy-Looking? course the first thing you need to add to your closet is a replica of Han Solo’s brown jacket. Hot Topic has you covered with this snappy brushed twill jacket. According to the Official Guide, Han’s jacket is made out of nerf-leather; yours might not be, but thanks to the stylish lining adorned with tiny Millennium Falcon designs, you’ll look just as good.

You Definitely Need a Cape

We can’t call this list inspired by Solo and not have a cape on it! ThinkGeek has the replica Lando Calrissian cape just for you. Whether you’re cosplaying or running a Tibanna gas mine, you’ll catch everyone’s eye with this statement piece featuring a faux leather collar and patterned lining.

The Crimson Dawn Shines

Speaking of statement pieces, this replica of the gold necklace Qi’ra wore on the star yacht is just as stunning as the piece in the film. The official guide calls it a “Crimson Dawn half-logo bib necklace,” and it’s just as effortlessly stylish as Qi’ra is. While the original necklace may be gold or another metal, this replica is plastic; on the bright side, it won’t weigh you down. Find your own Crimson Dawn necklace on Etsy.

Subtle Star Wars Style

If you’re not quite ready to rock a full Han Solo, Lando, or Qi’ra everyday cosplay, BoxLunch has you covered with some subtle Star Wars looks (they’d also make good Father’s Day gifts for the coolest dads.) Not only do they have Solo-inspired button-down shirts, but also tank tops and lounge shorts that will earn a knowing nod from Star Wars fans passing by.

What a Wookiee!

Dads aren’t the only ones who can wear a clever Star Wars print. These adorable leggings from Target are for elementary school aged girls (although if they were available in adult sizes, I’d buy them in a heartbeat). Target also has an impressive variety of other Solo inspired styles for boys and girls when they want to fly casual.

Got It Where It Counts

If you really want to win someone over, give them this stunning watch from Nixon; it’s based on the Millennium Falcon and its charming owner. Not only is it bright and bold, it has the tiny Corellian light freighter in constant motion on the seconds hand for just the perfect amount of Star Wars flair. The other Solo styles from Nixon are just as striking, especially the design inspired by the unforgettable Enfys Nest.

And Don’t Forget Some Lucky Dice

Everyone needs their own set of lucky dice, and thanks to Hot Topic, you can wear yours around your neck with this delicate gold tone necklace. The 16-inch necklace also has a tiny Millennium Falcon to keep the ship that made the Kessel Run in less than 12 parsecs close to your heart, just like Han Solo does.

Who’s your Star Wars style icon? Tell us in the comments.

Images: Disney, Lucasfilm, ThinkGeek, Hot Topic, BoxLunch, Nixon

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