Hot Toys Unveils a Highly Detailed SOLO Darth Maul

If your entire Star Wars experience was limited to only watching the movies, the end of Solo was probably just as confusing as it was exciting. Everyone saw Obi-Wan Kenobi kill Darth Maul at the end of The Phantom Menace. How did he show up decades later as the leader of a crime syndicate if he was cut in half? Because the Dathomirian survived on Naboo, something fans of both The Clone Wars and Rebels animated series had learned long ago. Now that every fan of the galaxy far, far away knows about his shocking return though, it’s only fitting he has earened his own Solo-era figure. It shows it’s hard to keep a Sith Lord down, especially when he has mechanical legs.

Hot Toys Unveils a Highly Detailed SOLO Darth Maul_1

Hot Toys has announced the newest edition to their Solo premium Deluxe Series line (which we first learned about at io9) is the secret leader of Crimson Dawn. Standing nearly 11.5″ tall with 32 points of articulation, this highly-detailed, hyper realistic 1/6th scale figure is based on Darth Maul’s appearance at the end of the movie when he spoke to Qi’ra. It features:

–a new head sculpt “equipped with separate rolling eyeballs”
–“finely tailored” outfit and robe
–highly-detailed and articulated robotic legs
–his double-bladed lightsaber with “LED light-up function and interchangeable lightsaber blades” to emulate how it looks in motion
–eight pieces of interchangeable gloved hands for posing options
–a specialized seat for Maul
–a figure base
Hot Toys Unveils a Highly Detailed SOLO Darth Maul_2

The robotic legs also come with “metallic painting and weathering effects”. The whole piece also comes with two hologram figures of both Darth Maul and Qi’ra. You will have to wait awhile to get one for yourself though. It won’t be available until the end of 2020. Expect the price for these to be north of the usual $230 tag.

Hot Toys Unveils a Highly Detailed SOLO Darth Maul_3

But that wait isn’t a bad thing. It will give you plenty of time to watch The Clone Wars and Rebels to learn how Darth Maul survived in the first place. And those mechanical legs mean he doesn’t have to stay seated.

Images: Hot Toys

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