SNL Heals Political Divides by Revealing Shared Pet Peeves

It probably hasn’t escaped your notice that we live in a divided country. Some people will just never accept that James Tiberius Kirk would beat Jean-Luc Picard in a steel cage match, while others (me, to be precise) continue to insist the Star Wars prequels are mostly good, in the face of popular disapproval. Let’s not even get started on the whole crunchy versus smooth discussion vis-a-vis peanut butter, because we like to be positive and fan-friendly here, and wading into that literally sticky debate is a fast and swiftly descending path into madness.But Saturday Night Live, ironically enough, has a solution to all the divisive debates we’ve been having lately: let’s focus on the things that irritate everyone, no matter their ideology. Things like wet jeans. Card scanner noises. And airline pilots who talk like Liev Schreiber when you least want them to, but won’t do it when you actually could stand to hear them reassure you. That may sound overly particular, but once you see this music video, you’ll realize it’s a more common experience than you thought.

Okay, so maybe not everybody is with them on everything: the warm toilet seat thing plays a little differently if you live in sub-zero temperatures and don’t want to copy Flick from A Christmas Story. Plus Japanese inventors make versions that warm up by themselves. But we appreciate this in principle. Even if SNL did make your favorite politician look like a fool that one time, you can rest assured that everyone there dislikes the word “moist” just as much as you do. And revel in that shared humanity.What did they leave out in this video, that folks of all ideologies can dislike together? Let us know in comments!

Image: NBC

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