SNL Delivers a Real-World “Frightening Tale” to Keep You Awake

Considering we just got the last new episode of Saturday Night Live before Halloween, it was surprising how little time was devoted to spooky themes, though perhaps the real-world politics the show spoofs seem spooky enough. But while there may not have been anything on the level of David S. Pumpkins this year, we did get the old standby scenario of scary stories around the campfire, and Seth Meyers had a doozy of “A Frightening Tale.”The RingIt FollowsTruth or Dare…there’s a tradition in modern horror of the curse that will keep coming at you forever unless you can somehow manage to pass it along to a new host. We have these in the real world as well, and this particular scary story tells of one that almost every resident of New York or Los Angeles has had some kind of close encounter with.

Truth be told, if you’ve been on the Internet for any length of time you might have encountered this particular terrifying creature as well. Heck, you might even be one without knowing it. Would you like to read my screenplay? It’s not like all that homogenized, watered-down corporate garbage, and it’s going to be a hard “R,” you know. Because of course somebody is going to want to make it when they see how legit and not a sell-out I am.Just kidding. All I ask is you read this article, and if you’re here, you’ve already done so. The spell is broken, and you are free.What’s your best real-life scary story? Let us know in comments.

Image: NBC

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