This Slow Motion Video of Magnets Colliding Is Mesmerizing

Magnets can do some wild stuff, man. They can shrink a quarter down to half its size, make soda cans explode, and straight up demolish an apple. Yes, magnets have been made to do fun and “out there” things, but even in their purest form, when opposite forces are attracted to each other, magnets are still pretty darn neat. Case in point: This YouTube video from Magnetic Games shows magnets being pulled by each other and nothing more, and it’s still a bunch of fun to watch (via Boing Boing).

If you’ve for some reason been underestimating just how attracted magnets are to each other, look no further for proof. In the first clip, we see a ball rolling towards a cube (comprised of smaller cube magnets), and when the ball starts to get close enough, strings of magnet cubes wrap themselves around the sphere like a scared toddler on their mother. Seeing a bunch of red magnetic balls cling to every exposed surface of a magnetic block is entertaining, and as the video title itself points out, it’s kind of reminiscent of Iron Man suiting up with nanobots. Let this video be a lesson to you: Magnets are a resource that should not be taken for granted, whether they’re keeping wedding invitations up on your fridge or colliding with each other for our amusement.

Is this one of the most interesting magnet videos you’ve ever seen? If not, what other ones top it? Let us know what clips you’re attracted to down in the comments!

Featured image: Magnetic Games/YouTube

Science is fun.

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