Grateful Sloth (Slowly) Thanks Man Who Helped Him

Sloths are adorable little animals, but the reason they’re so lovable is they seem to have life all figured out. It’s like they don’t have a care in the world, as if time itself is but a lie and going any faster than absolutely necessary is antithetical to personal fulfillment. That doesn’t mean they can’t appreciate when someone helps save them from a situation they’re not equipped to handle, like traveling across a busy road. And as this amazing video shows, their slow-moving nature only enhances their expressions of gratitude.

This video, shared by Twitter user @Dutchwouter777, shows a good Samaritan (who either knows something about the relative safety of handling a wild animal with longs claws or is very brave/insane) who found a sloth ever so slowly crossing a road with cars going in both directions. Rather than wait for the inevitable smoosh of a passing automobile, the kind gentleman picked up the little guy and walked it across to the other side (as other cars respectfully waited), where he gently placed the sloth in a tree. If this video ended there it would be a sweet, but ultimately forgettable moment, just someone doing a nice thing for another being. However, what happens after the sloth’s safe arrival is when this becomes absolutely hysterical and heartwarming.


Also, enjoy the feeling as you watch him wave and the horrors of the world slowly, slowly, slooooowly drift away for a moment. Ah….this is nice.

Are sloths slow moving? Yes. Can that lead to them ending up in dangerous situations in a world forever trying to go faster? Of course, but who cares? We’re in no rush for them to speed things up, even if it means helping them out sometimes. And who else will ever give us a wave that means more?

You know how much work it is for a sloth to say thank you? Now that’s gratitude.

Featured Image: BBC

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