Slay Your Own Conclave of Dragons–In Less Than an Hour

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If you’re a fan of Critical Role, you probably know that our plucky band of adventurers is in the middle of a months-long mission to defeat the Chroma Conclave, an alliance of dragons. Vox Machina has defeated a number of the powerful beasts, and they’re setting their sights on the most monstrous of them all: Thordak, the Cinder King.

Is Vox Machina’s crusade to vanquish a conclave of dragons giving you the itch to go dragon slaying yourself, but you don’t have months to spend on your quest? You can go on a dragon hunt — or be the dragon ON the hunt — with these five tabletop games that you can play in less than an hour.


You are the dragon stalking the skies over castles and villages in this crowdfunded card game. But beware, you’re not the only dragon on the prowl. Players draft cards to place on castles to score points and loot even more treasure than their fellow dragons.

Cards that can be played on castles include different kinds of treasures, relics with special abilities, knights and other cards that cost negative points, and the titular dragonflame. Players then select the stack of cards on a castle to take for themselves. For each dragonflame card they receive, players place one fire token on a village. Breathe fire, burn, and plunder to earn your way to victory.

2-5 Players, Ages 8+

Dragon Slayer

In this push-your-luck dice game, you are a knight on a quest to slay a dragon. Well, not just a dragon, all of them. You’re not only up against all of those dragons, but your fellow fearless knights as well who are on the same crusade.

Not only do you have to get lucky with the rolls of your dice to get the winning combos to slay the dragon, but once per game another player has the ability to challenge you after victory is yours. If you take the challenge and defeat another dragon, you earn more hard-fought points. Back away from the dare, and you score less on the dragon you did defeat, and the challenger earns five points. Push your luck and push your opponents in Dragon Slayer.

2-5 Players, Ages 14+


If you’re looking to get your kids started on a path to Dungeons & Dragons, this card and dice game is a fantastic place to start. Dragonwood turns you and the kids into adventurers traipsing through an enchanted forest. As you make your way through the dangerous terrain, players will draw cards to challenge monsters and creatures in their path.

Fight creatures based on the cards in your hand and defeat enemies with a roll of the dice to earn points. Once you feel ready, you can challenge the two dragons hiding in the creature deck. Will you make it out of Dragonwood alive?

2-4 Players, Ages 8+


It’s dwarves vs. dragons in this two-player card game. Drako comes with miniatures and a gorgeous game board. Players move their pieces and take actions with the six cards in their hands.

On each turn, players can draw two cards or play one from their hand. Each dwarf has a special ability, such as a crossbow attack or a net throw, and the dragon can take flight or breathe fire, all depending on the cards in your hand. When attacked, a player has the option to play a defense card to block it. When either the dwarves or dragon are defeated, the game is over. But if the dragon survives until all the dwarf cards are played, the dragon wins and flies away to fight another day.

2 Players, Ages 8+

Seven Dragons

Original art by Larry Elmore takes this dragon-themed card game to the next level. Seven Dragons is a color-matching card game with gameplay similar to classic dominoes. Each player has a secret goal card featuring a color; they then place the cards around the silver dragon in the middle to match the colors. Connect seven dragons of the color on your goal card and you’re the winner.

But there’s a little more to it than that. Action cards let you shake things up by moving or removing cards or trading around players’ hands or goal cards. Instead of slaying dragons, you’re playing dragons, making Seven Dragons a great pick for young players.

2-5 Players, Ages 6+

Do you prefer to fight the dragon or be the dragon? Tell us in the comments below!

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