SKULL AND BONES E3 2018 Trailer Takes Players Into the Hunting Grounds

Ubisoft’s  Skull & Bones may not be debuting in 2018, but there was a new nautical combat mode unveiled at the company’s E3 presentation. In an extended video, Ubisoft showed off the Hunting Grounds, a mode that unleashes the players on the Indian Ocean as they track and trap merchant ships while on the never-ending quest for treasure. First, players will have the option to customize their pirate ships from the comfort of their safe port. But once a ship sets sail, even aligned pirates may turn on each other for the gold.

The Hunting Grounds allows players to briefly disguise their pirate ship as a merchant vessel to slip by a powerful fort and sneak up on their target. Another strategy involved picking the right sails for speed and maneuverability. With the element of surprise, the nautical battles can be finished fairly quickly. However, the arrival of a more powerful Portuguese ship forced the players to call for help.

This mode also lets players team up against a common foe. In this footage, four pirate vessels participated in a coordinated attack against a war ship. It takes strategy and perhaps a bit of luck to sink the enemy, but it can be done. However, there is no honor among thieves in this game. Allies can quickly become adversaries at a moment’s notice. Anything goes on the high seas, especially in a cutthroat industry like this!

Skull & Bones doesn’t have an official release date yet, but it’s expected to set sail in either 2019 or 2020.

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Image: Ubisoft

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