Be Prepared for Anything When You Bring Skinny Minis to the Tabletop

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Dungeon Masters have to be prepared for anything. So maybe you didn’t predict the party would decide to take a shortcut through the haunted woods, or skip the shopping and long rest and head straight into battle with an ancient dragon. (Because that’s what heroes do.) Usually you’d find yourself scrambling for substitute miniatures to set out on a hastily placed map, with sometimes mixed and distracting results. But thanks to Skinny Minis, you can carry an entire library of high-quality, colorful, and durable minis with you to every session—all in your backpack.


Skinny Minis, currently in the middle of a crowdfunding campaign that blew well past its original goal at over 1000% funded, are durable and affordable alternatives to traditional miniature figures. The die-cut clear acrylic figures are printed with colorful illustrations on both sides, cut out in the shape of the character and scaled to fit 1″ squares. There’s no need to paint these figures! Skinny Minis come in sets that are ready to pop out and enter the game at a moment’s notice, blending in seamlessly with the terrain and traditional minis you already have.

Mounts (cropped)

Skinny Minis are also adaptable, giving you the ability to place a player on a mount or give a mount wings. Sets also include flying stands, spell effects, and dungeon terrain, all with gorgeous art, so you’ll always be ready for all the weird and unpredictable decisions your players might make.

Best of all, these mini sets are highly affordable and even come with a one year warranty. If you get in on the Kickstarter now, you can take advantage of special pricing and figures you won’t find later. Backers receive special Kickstarter-only pricing along with free exclusive minis that go out to all backers. The campaign runs through October 25, 2019, so don’t miss your chance!

Want to see the Skinny Minis in action? Tune in tonight to TBD RPG at 8:30 PM Pacific on our Twitch channel to catch a glimpse of these tiny but durable heroes and villains.

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