A SILVER SURFER Movie is in the Works at Fox

Here’s a bit of comic book movie-related news that should surprise everyone: in a story by  The Hollywood Reporter about 20th Century Fox continuing to develop more movies based on Marvel Comics characters, a little bit of information was dropped concerning author Brian K. Vaughan developing a Silver Surfer film for the studio. This is the second Fantastic Four-adjacent movie that Fox is working on at this point, as it was announced last year that they are also developing a movie based around Doctor Doom.

Aside from the hiring of Vaughan, who is best known as the creator of Y: The Last Man and Runaways, we know nothing else about this movie. This wouldn’t be the first time a Silver Surfer movie was put into development. Before Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer was released 10 years ago, a movie centering around the herald of Galactus was planned as a spin-off, no doubt starring Doug Jones once again in the title role, but the poor reception to that Fantastic Four sequel resulted in the film’s cancelation. Certainly whichever version Fox were to make now would have nothing to do with that iteration of the Surfer, even though Doug Jones would still make a fantastic version of the character.

Aside from the Silver Surfer, the article stresses that right now, some six Marvel mutant properties are in development at Fox between 2019 and 2020, and that until the Disney/Fox merger goes through, it is business as usual there. In fact, everyone is acting as if the deal won’t go through, just to be on the safe side. But if the deal goes through in the next year to 18 months, we can expect a lot of these Fox Marvel movies to get axed, or maybe transferred over to the MCU. Having said that, the idea of a Silver Surfer-based cosmic style film, written by the creator of Saga, could be something Kevin Feige and Marvel Studios may want to incorporate into the MCU as quickly as possible.

So which classic comics would make for a grand, cosmic Silver Surfer cinematic spectacle? Here are our ideas for five Surfer tales that would pop up on the big screen.

1. Silver Surfer #1 (1968)

Although the Surfer first appeared in the pages of Fantastic Four (along with Black Panther, the Inhumans, and countless other important Marvel icons), his origin story didn’t get fully revealed until he got his own series in 1968. In Silver Surfer #1, Stan Lee and artist John Buscema told the story of Norrin Radd, a scientist from the planet Zenn-La. Issue one recounts how his  planet was attacked by the world devourer Galactus, and how he made his pact with the devil to save his home, and in exchange he would search new planets for him to feed on. This story also introduces the Surfer’s tragic romance with Shalla-Bal. It’s really the perfect story to adapt for an origin film.

2. Silver Surfer: Parable #1, 2 (1988)

Written by the Surfer’s creator Stan Lee and drawn by French comics legend Moebius, Galactus comes to Earth once more, but instead of looking to feed, instead he what asks for is adoration from the people of Earth. There is only one voice of dissent that will not be silenced: the Silver Surfer. The Surfer of course knows that this new “god” is his former master. With Earth’s other heroes under the spell of Galactus, Norrin Radd does everything he can to save his adopted home once again.

3. Silver Surfer, vol. 3, #70-75 “The Herald Ordeal” (1992)

Although he is most recognizable of all the former heralds of Galactus, the Surfer has hardly been the only one. When his former master recruits replacements for Norrin, he recruits powerful and often dangerous characters like Terrax the Tamer, Firelord and Nova. But when Galactus recruits his most vicious herald yet, an alien named Morg, the Surfer has to recruit all the other former heralds of Galactus together, and hope that unified, they can force their former master to  dump this good for nothing new guy. This one comes from writer Ron Marz and artist Ron Lim.

4. Silver Surfer: Judgement Day (1988)

While Stan Lee’s collaborations with Jack Kirby  on the Surfer are legendary, so too are Stan Lee and artist John Buscema’s, as they are also known for being a “dream team” when it comes to great Silver Surfer tales, and this original graphic novel is no exception. This one shot story finds the Surfer caught in the middle of a conflict between lord of the Underworld, Mephisto, and his former master Galactus. Buscema drew everything in this OGN as a huge splash page, making it even more grand, and perfect for a film adaptation. How much more cinematic can it get than the cosmic Silver Surfer vs. the Devil??

5. Silver Surfer: A New Dawn (2014)

The most recent entry on this  list, this lighthearted storyline might not be perfect for a Surfer based first film, but would make for a great sequel. The creative team of writer Dan Slott and artist Mike Allred gave the Surfer a human companion for his intergalactic exploration named Dawn Greenwood, and eventually, a romantic relationship begins between the two. Much more light hearted and fun that the usual Surfer fare, this is still one of the best Surfer stories in recent years, and would make for a great romantic cosmic adventure.

Do you want to see the adventures of Norrin Radd as part of the MCU, or as a standalone series? Be sure to let us know your thoughts down below in the comments.

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