Shuri from BLACK PANTHER Is Getting Her Very Own Comic

Whether you were just introduced to T’Challa’s younger sister and all-around genius Shuri in the Black Panther movie or you know her from the comic books, there’s no doubt you’ve fallen in love with the character.

Shuri is clever, smart, and her scientific knowledge is the greatest in the entire Marvel universe (and she’s only a teenager). So of course we’re excited about the news that she’ll be getting her very own comic book series in October 2018. As Bustle reports, Shuri’s comic will come to us thanks to the Eisner-nominated artist Leonardo Romero and Who Fears Death writer Nnedi Okorafor. The story will focus on Shuri as she’s dealing with a massive tragedy. When T’Challa is lost in space, Wakanda and all of her citizens are left wondering who will lead the country in his absence.

Being the next in line to the throne, Shuri must leave the place she is most comfortable, her laboratory, and help lead her country and protect it from evil. Though she’s used to helping her country behind-the-scenes with her mind-blowing scientific advancements, Shuri realizes leaving Wakanda unprotected would be a huge risk. Ultimately, she may be faced with choosing the well-being of Wakanda or her own.

In both the comics and the film, Shuri is absolutely admirable and a character you can’t help but root for. However, this new conflict of duty over Shuri’s own passions is new and unexplored. While we have only begun getting to know Shuri in the MCU, in the comics, she isn’t only known for her scientific prowess. As Okorafor explains to Bustle, “[Shuri is] an African young woman of genius level intelligence who is obsessed with technology and has traveled spiritually so far into the past that she’s seen Wakanda before it was Wakanda. The Ancestors call her Ancient Future. And she’s super ambitious.”

What do you think of Shuri getting her own comic? What do you hope to see in the new series? How do you think she’ll fare leading Wakanda? Let’s talk about it in the comments.

Images: Disney/Marvel/ Giphy

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