Short Film “The City” is a Love Letter to Critical Role Fans

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“The City” contains spoilers for Episode 68, “ Cloak and Dagger.”

The characters we’ve grown to love in  Critical Role often inspire incredible work and art from their fans, from fan art to fan fiction and even  animated shorts featuring the courageous group of adventurers.

Ellie C. Bright, who started following Vox Machina’s adventures in earlier this year, found herself quickly inspired to not only join forces with the YouTube channel Critical Scope, but to direct a short film based on the episode “Into the Feywild.” It made its debut today on Critical Scope.

She writes in an open letter that the film is a “love letter” to Critical Role and the show’s fans:

Having lost the better part of the year to fuzzy pain-medicine induced sleeping spells and being confined indoors due to my inability to walk, there were so many times where I felt like I would lose myself and never find my way back.

I kept watching Critical Role. I focused on Vox Machina and their ability to struggle through everything that came their way, and come out stronger on the other side. I fell in love with the story and the characters. Getting lost in your world helped me cope with mine.

“The City” is based on a conversation between Vex’ahlia (Laura Bailey) and Percy (Taliesin Jaffe) as Vex struggles with returning to the city she grew up in. Their all-too-brief and tender exchange is delightfully re-captured by Beatrix Newsome as Vex and Jackson Pentland as Percy in the seven-minute fan film.

How has Critical Role inspired you? Share your story below.

Featured Image: Critical Scope / Ellie C. Bright

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