SHE-RA Fan Art Brightens Up the Internet

When the first official images from Netflix’s upcoming original series She-Ra and the Princesses of Power were released, the internet exploded—with light and color. Illustrators worldwide were inspired by the new look of the show, which has a new take on the beloved characters from the 1980s television series and toy line.

The Princess of Power has a fresh but familiar look for the animated reboot. Her new costume features a simplified headdress that’s still obviously magical–what else could keep that floating jewel in place?–and the red cape and golden details are all She-Ra. She now sports shorts under her skirt, and her boots lost the heels and gained some oomph.

She-Ra’s origin story itself remains mostly the same, as revealed by Entertainment Weekly in an exclusive story, and she must learn how to embrace her new heroic identity. Fan artists certainly have already! Here is just some of the spectacularly bright and shiny She-Ra fan art now gracing the internet thanks to these talented artists.

Not all artists have been He-Man and She-Ra fans since childhood; some are just now learning about the character and adore Adora’s design.

All She-Ra and the Princesses of Power episodes will be available on Netflix this November.

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Images: Dreamworks Animation / Netflix

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