Shaquille O’Neal Open to Making a KAZAAM/SHAZAAM Movie

In news that you never thought would happen: Shaquille O’Neal is ready to break the internet and the Mandela Effect. In a recent interview with Yahoo the basketball superstar revealed he was open to an unexpected genie crossover movie. But there’s only one problem, one of the movies doesn’t actually exist.

Shaquille O'Neal Open to Making a KAZAMM / SHAZAAM Movie_1

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If you grew up in the ’90s you might remember Kazaam. It was a barely-remembered magical kids movie starring Shaq as a genie. That was until the internet began to confuse it with a movie that never existed—a genie film called Shazaam starring Sinbad. This example of the Mandela Effect took the internet by storm sparking conspiracy theories, and even a fake April fools trailer. So, what does any of this have to do with Shaq’s recent interview? Well, turns out even though the sports icon didn’t know about the fake film and the mix up, he would be open to teaming up with Sinbad to make a Kazaam/Shazaam movie!

During the chat Shaq shared his thoughts on the wild internet craze. “Never heard of that one.” Shaq explained. “Kazaam was a movie that was supposed to be for kids. It’s not for adults—it’s for kids that are from 2 to 7, because when they see me, they think I’m magic. As long as they think I’m magic, who cares what adults say?” Shaq also said that if he was asked to put on the genie costume again to face down with Sinbad and Shazaam, “Of course, I would. Always for the kids.”

Well, that’s one thing we didn’t have on our 2020 bingo card. Kazaam was a Disney movie and Shazaam doesn’t actually exist so who knows maybe we’ll see a genie showdown on Disney+ soon. Stranger things have happened.

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