Shadows of Esteren: Dearg is the Gothic Fantasy RPG You’ve Always Wanted

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Agate RPG, publisher of the award-winning Shadows of Esteren, just announced Shadows of Esteren: Dearg, the third rulebook for the fan-favorite medieval horror roleplaying game, which is currently being Kickstarted. The Kickstarter fully funded in just 90 minutes, something a French RPG has never done before!

If you’re new to the unique, sprawling story of Shadows of Esteren, do not fear. Though its world is dark and full of terrors, the Dearg Kickstarter makes sure newbies can ease into the setting, with separate pledge levels for newcomers, veterans, and hardcore fans alike. For a quick primer on the world of Esteren, expect horrific and gothic overtones in a dark, low fantasy setting. The setting draws inspiration from Celtic myths, and fans of folklore will realize this means this universe has a subtle fantastic side hidden under its bleak, realistic surface. The Shadows of Esteren world is populated by men and women trudging through daily lives while struggling with supernatural threats lurking in the dark. Instead of the fantastical heroics of RPGs like D&D or Pathfinder, Esteren instead focuses on investigation and survival in order to foster immersion and interaction among the players.

The Dearg book is five hundred pages thick over its two volumes, so you should definitely make sure your shelf can handle it! Also, while the game certainly allows Game Leaders to make their own scenarios, quite a few of those five hundred pages are dedicated to the game’s 21 scenarios, focusing on central character themes of Love, Ethics, Guilt, and Adoption. Clearly, Dearg is tailor-made for gamers who love deep narrative roleplaying.

In addition to the books, the Kickstarter includes unique Syrinscape sound packs. Geek & Sundry has loved Syrinscape ever since the Critical Role crew demoed the software during their Pathfinder one-shot. More than sound effects, these sound packs will include a full game soundtrack by the Budapest Symphonic Orchestra over three music albums, Of Men and Obscurities, Dearg, and Rise. Excited for more? You can check out the campaign’s sinister stretch goals on the Dearg Kickstarter page.

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