SENSE8 Series Finale Trailer Rallies the Cluster One Last Time

Like most great movements in art or groundbreaking feats of philosophy,  Sense8 simply wasn’t appreciated in its own time. In translating their knack for bombastic world-building and nigh unparalleled sincerity to the small screen, the Wachowskis managed one of the most interesting and downright affecting television shows of the modern generation. This achievement notwithstanding, Sense8 didn’t hit home with the viewing public nor the critical community in a big way, and was doomed to first a rocky production period, and ultimately a premature cancelation. But we can be thankful for the fact that Netflix is giving the series a proper sendoff with one last episode, the trailer for which hit Twitter on Thursday morning.

Watching the teaser for what will undoubtedly be the last opportunity we’ll get to spend time with Van Damn, Sun, Riley, Wolfgang, Nomi, Kala, Lito, Will, and company, we’re reminded of the one lesson that Sense8 purveyed more than any: find your cluster. The world may not be laden with danger, intolerance, and the proclivity to axe pieces of quality programming while they’ve still got a few good seasons left to their name, but there’ll always be others out there waiting to connect with you.Sense8 may not have hit big across the board, but it’s sure as heck meant something to a few of us. So if you’re one of said collective, log onto Netflix on June 8 to experience one final adventure with the sensates.

Image: Netflix

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