It’s time to rock, Sonic fans. SEGA has just announced they are releasing new remixes of tunes from the awesome web-series, Sonic Mania Adventures. Sonic series composers Jun Senoue and Tee Lopes are reimagining new and classic songs from the Sonic catalog, starting with “Big Arms” from the final boss battle in Sonic 3. The remix, which you can hear below, is billed at as a “heavy metal” version of the song. It’s certainly loaded with riffs, wailing solos, and thunderous drum, so slapping a heavy metal label on it is fair enough, but that doesn’t mean it’s not recognizable as a Sonic track. Too often, remixes end up losing the original energy and feeling of the song they are toying with and you are left with a strange jumble of sounds that is unlistenable. Jun Senoue and Tee Lopes have avoided that pitfall and produced a kickass jam that builds on the intensity of “Big Arms” and cranks everything to eleven.

There are more remixes to come, including Sonic Mania’s title theme song, which already a pretty awesome tune. Keep your eyes on the official Sonic the Hedgehog YouTube page, all the new remixed tracks will be debuting there. You can fill your earholes with glorious Sonic music, which all but guaranteed to make you a better friend, employee, and person. Seriously, listening to “Big Arms” tripled our office’s productivity today.

You can also hear new music from Jun Senoue and Tee Lopes in upcoming kart-racing game, Team Sonic Racing. We’re actually pretty excited for that game, since the last Sonic racing game, Sonic & Sega AllStars Racing, is an underrated classic.

Featured Image: SEGA


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