See Sonic the Hedgehog Modded into MARIO KART 8

For years now, Nintendo fans have wondered why the Mario Kart series isn’t more inclusive of characters from across Nintendo’s intellectual properties in the same way that Super Smash Bros. is. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe is a sign of clear progress on that front, though, featuring characters from The Legend of Zelda, Animal Crossing, and Splatoon. Mario Kart hasn’t ventured outside of Nintendo for its character roster just yet, but one enterprising modder decided to insert Sonic the Hedgehog into the Wii U version of Mario Kart 8 ( via Kotaku).

Modifying the game to include an additional character is no easy task, so the Sega mascot is actually just the result of replacing Metal Mario’s character model with Sonic’s. The mod is a work in progress, but it looks pretty smooth so far, and there aren’t really any major noticeable issues. Sonic turns his head to look at other racers as he passes them and he pumps his fist in the air and jumps out of his seat going off of jumps. The only downside is, he still sounds like Metal Mario.

Still, the errors are few and minor, and at the very least, the mod serves as a proof of concept for what seems like a very possible new Mario Kart character, considering all the collaboration between Mario and Sonic over the past decade or so.

Which other video game characters would you like to race with in Mario Kart? Perhaps some of your favorite Super Smash Bros. brawlers? Let us know in the comments what you think!

Featured image: CorBond57/YouTube

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