Video Details Digital Recreations of Every STAR TREK Enterprise Bridge

For over 50 years, the Star Trek franchise has given us many iterations of the starship Enterprise. With the recent finale of Star Trek: Picard, we’re now up to a whopping 10 Starfleet vessels by that name. However, the sets and schematics for many of the Enterprise starships of the past have been lost to time. Thankfully, the folks at the Roddenberry Archive, who have been cataloging the life and legacy of Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, have put together digital recreations of each Enterprise bridge, with help from YouTube channel OTOY. This includes bridges from that first 1964 pilot episode all the way to the last episode of Picard. You can check out All the Enterprises A-Z, narrated by Q actor John de Lancie, right here:

The video begins with the very first sketches for the Enterprise back in 1964, by designer Pato Guzman. We then see the Enterprise bridge in its various iterations in the ”60s original series. And the video leaves no cosmic stone unturned. We get a more realistic look at the bridge from the first animated series, as well as that for the lost 1970s series, Star Trek: Phase II. Even the designs for the Enterprise from the Star Trek movie that never was, Planet of the Titans, gets a nod. That unrealized ship later became the inspiration for the U.S.S. Discovery decades later. Of course, every TV Enterprise from The Next Generation on gets a highlight.

Digital recreations of the Enterpise-D and Enterprise-F bridge from Star Trek: Picard.
OTOY/The Roddenberry Archive

In addition, we get the Enterprise from alternate timelines as well, like the Kelvin timeline from the J.J. Abrams films, and the 26th century version seen in an episode of Star Trek: Enterprise. The video is totally up to date for the Star Trek franchise, as it showcases the bridges for the Enterprise-F, briefly glimpsed in the last season of Picard, and the new Enterprise-G, now under the command of Captain Seven of Nine.

For more detailed information on each Enterprise, head on over to the official Roddenberry Archive site.

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