Secretlab’s TITAN Evo Gaming Chair Gets a Jedi Upgrade for May the Fourth

What do you think of when you imagine Jedi robes? The simple brown and ivory ensemble is immediately recognizable as being the outfit of a keeper of peace in the galaxy far, far away. It represents the Force and that the being wearing the robes is likely someone you can trust. The robes also just look super comfortable—like, probably the most cozy outfit in all of Star Wars. And that’s what Secretlab is capturing with their newly announced Secretlab SKINS Jedi Edition. This precision-fit chair sleeve fits right over the Secretlab TITAN Evo Series gaming chair, and the Jedi Edition brings a little light side to it.

Secretlab added the Jedi SKINS in honor of May the Fourth. The celebration of Star Wars Day always brings a slew of new products, but this one is a highlight. The gaming chair company designed the sleeve to mimic the robe-like texture of a Jedi’s signature look. It’s a unique knit for maximum comfort. The front features the Jedi Order emblem, while the back of the sleeve says “May the Force be with you” in the Star Wars alphabet Aurebesh. Like other SKINS, the Jedi Edition can fit over TITAN Evo Series gaming chairs in under three minutes.

The collection of Secretlabs Star Wars SKINS collection featuring an array of Star Wars gaming chair covers

The Jedi design is just the latest addition to the Secretlab Star Wars SKINS collection. Other SKINS feature styles based on stormtroopers, Boba Fett, Ahsoka, and the Empire. Each has all the details you’d expect. It will shock no one who knows me to hear that the Ahsoka SKINS, with its stripes and markings to match the Togruta’s face, is my favorite. Though the calming vibe of the Jedi SKINS might change my mind.

Visit Secretlab’s website to shop for the Jedi and other Star Wars SKINS. They’re all compatible with your TITAN Evo Series chair.

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