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Doctor Who is back in full force. The TV show just celebrated 60 years of time and space adventures with a trio of wonderful anniversary specials. There’s a new Doctor in the TARDIS and he’s ready to give us more action in the next era. To celebrate all of this goodness, Magic: The Gathering is giving fans a slate of new Doctor Who cards to add to their existing ones. Secret Lair x Doctor Who: Regeneration celebrates the show’s most recent Doctors as well as other characters with a new deck. 

graphic of secret lair doctor who magic the gathering deck of cards
Wizards of the Coast/Hasbro

After releasing several decks in late Fall 2023, players noticed that David Tennant’s Fourteen and Ncuti Gatwa’s Fifteen were not a part of the lineup. It was only a matter of time (and perfect timing) that they would get their own cards. Secret Lair x Doctor Who: Regeneration features the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Doctors, Rose Noble, the Beep of all the Meeps, and the Toymaker. Of course, the artwork is absolutely stunning and captures the essence of everyone. Well, sort of. The Meep looks adorable but we all know he’s not above showing sharp teeth and shooting his enemies. He is truly a villainous cutie and we love him. Get a closer look at the cards below:

The Doctor Who Magic: The Gathering regeneration deck comes with two options: foil cards for $49.99 or non-foil cards for $39.99. Right now, both decks are available for preorder. But fans will have to wait a while before they can add these cards into the mix. Secret Lair x Doctor Who: Regeneration will not release until April 2, 2024. Hmmm.

We know that the next season of Doctor Who is coming sometime in 2024. Perhaps this means that Fifteen and Ruby Sunday’s first season will land sometime in April, too. Either way, it’s time to bring these legendary creatures into your gaming fun. 

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