Second Trailer for THE PREDATOR Has a Big Surprise at the End

We told you The Predator was hiding something big. We didn’t expect they’d just reveal it so soon. But last night during the NBA finals (via Bloody Disgusting), it was confirmed: this Predator is not alone. To what extent the plot expands on Predators‘ Yautja civil war angle, we know not. But it’d be cool to at least acknowledge that movie as part of continuity, since it isn’t talked about enough and is a good one.

It also looks like the main Predator is on earth by accident, with a pretty serious crash landing at the beginning–one that gives one of our main heroes the PTSD for which he is being treated as the action begins. Whether this particular fanged fighter is on our side or not, he certainly doesn’t seem to be well-liked by the newcomer. Can you say Predator vs. Predator?

Knowing director Shane Black, there’ll be a lot more to the movie than just what we’re seeing here. Expect plenty of witty banter, angry people getting nuts, and ironic juxtaposition of violence with seasonal decorations. And we are here for all of that.

Now the question is will we ever find out what happened to Dutch Schaefer and/or Lieutenant Mike Harrigan? The latter, undoubtedly in a Shane Black world, is somewhere muttering that he’s too old for this crap. Only he won’t use the word “crap.”

Are you ready for The Predator? Do these new plot revelations make things more intriguing? Leave a comment down below with your thoughts.

Image: 20th Century Fox

It’s a major trailer week:

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