Watch a Seagull Fly into a Teen’s Face During Amusement Park Ride

Amusement park rides are famous for their ominous warning signs. There’s the set of rules, like keeping hands and feet inside the ride and shedding loose clothing. Then there’s the list of medical conditions that render the ride inadvisable. However, there is absolutely no written indication of what to do if a seagull flies into your face while you’re shooting 75 mph through the air on a slingshot ride. This exact scenario isn’t just my nightmare. It actually happened to a New Jersey teen visiting a park down at the Jersey Shore. And there’s video footage to prove it.

Kiley Holman was riding the Springshot with a pal at Morey’s Pier when the seagull catapulted towards her, which we first heard about at NBC News. The bird landed between her safety harness, securing itself around her neck. After a brief moment of panic, she simply plucks the bird off her and continues on her terrifying adventure. To do this while shooting across the sky in a metal contraption is especially impressive.

Meanwhile, it appears her friend doesn’t even notice the situation unfolding next to her, offering up a series of expletives truly warranted when embarking on a particularly stomach-churning amusement park journey.

Two girls riding an amusement park as a seagull flies into them

Inside Edition

Miraculously, the teen took the whole ordeal in stride. In fact, it was more or less a beautiful case of opportunity knocking as she told NBC Philadelphia that actually, she’s “always wanted to catch a seagull.” Who among us hasn’t wanted to catch a seagull for the fun of it? Growing up on the beaches of Maine, seagulls were my sworn enemies, due to their ruthlessly snatching half a sandwich from toddler Meg and subsequently too many french fries over the years. Suffice to say I would not react as calmly as Kiley did.

However, that doesn’t stop me from applauding the teen for checking an item off her bucket list in a very unexpected way. As a fellow Gen Z once said, “ good 4 u.”

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