SeaFall is a New Risk: Legacy-style Game of Piratical Action!

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Have you played Risk Legacy or Pandemic Legacy? They’re board games designed to be played campaign-style, like an ongoing RPG. Each decision you make in the game session before has permanent, cascading effects on the next time you play.

If you thought that sounded cool, get a load of this: Plaid Hat Games has just opened preorders for SeaFall, an all-new IP using the Legacy system. From their website:

“SeaFall is a ‘Legacy’ board game designed by board game industry veteran Rob Daviau. Like the players who play them, Legacy games ‘remember’ what happen from game to game. Player choices have irreversible impact on the game world as the game board changes, cards are modified and sealed packs are opened revealing twists and turns in an epic storyline.”

The aim of SeaFall is to become Emperor of the world. Sounds simple enough—all you have to do is have the most Glory (Victory Points, basically) when someone discovers the “island at the end of the world.” The game is complex—there are a lot of moving parts!—but the rulebook is clear, concise, and full of streamlined mechanics. And it’s free to download online here! Check it out first and see if you like it.

Unlike the other Legacy games, SeaFall starts with a prologue mission. Its purpose is twofold: first, to give players a chance to grasp the gameplay in a relatively consequence-free environment. Second, to sow the seeds of the story to come. That’s right, SeaFall starts you off in the thick of the story from the very first moment.

The game’s recent teaser trailer doesn’t give much information on the game itself, but it is a whimsical example of the game’s seafaring, swashbuckling theme. Give it a watch!

Want to get your hands on the most anticipated board game of the year? You can preorder it here or scour the high seas for more info here. There’s even a swanky preorder bonus!

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