Tabletop Game Lets You Engage in Epic Movie Battles… as Cats!

Artist Arnel Baluyot knows to prioritize the important things in life: pop culture and cats, two good things that go great together.

Along with game designer Estefania Rodriguez—and their comic-con booth NinjaBot that sells artwork that showcases a love of TV, film, and small fuzzy animals—the duo has taken that fandom and leveled it up by creating a unique tabletop game that combines cuddly kittens with furry-ious fighting moves.

PopCats Fighter is a turn-based strategy card game where kitties battle it out with hit cards, counter cards, and more. Power-ups give characters an advantage against their enemies, just like real life cats! In other words, never underestimate the power of a fierce feline.

Being able to have a literal catfight is a fun idea in and of itself—especially since no real animals will be injured in the process—but the added element of pirates, robots, and sword-wielding samurai, all overlaid onto precious little kitty creatures, makes the gaming even more exciting.

PopCats Fighter is launching via Kickstarter on August 6, but tabletop fans have a chance to demo the game for themselves at San Diego Comic-Con, along with the promise of some sweet prizes. But really, playing with kickbutt cats should be prize enough.

For more PopCats Fighter info follow @popcatsfighter on Twitter and Instagram, and look out for the PopCats Fighter Kickstarter in August.

What is your ideal fighter-cat name? Furr-iosa seems like the ideal choice. Let us know yours in the comments and tag @nerdist and @justjenn on Twitter!

Images: Warner Bros

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