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Each week here at Geek & Sundry we’re taking a look at new and upcoming exciting titles on Kickstarter! This week’s Kickstarter of the week is  Fetch Quest, a cooperative card game set in the future fantasy Realms of Pugmire. The Kickstarter has exceeded their $6000 funding goal as of this writing.

A little over two years ago, Eddy Webb brought  Pugmire to life via Kickstarter with a simple question; “What if we played  Dungeons & Dragons, but as dogs?” The game racked up six figures and brought together people who love talking about their RPG characters with people who love talking about their pets. Webb returned to Kickstarter last year with a sequel in mind called Monarchies of Mau. That time, the question was “How would cats play the Game of Thrones?”

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This year, the Realms of Pugmire once again expand on Kickstarter with a different type of game. Instead of a tabletop RPG expansion, Webb created a cooperative card game where fans of Pugmire can pull together an adventure seeking out the mysteries of Man in a little over an hour. The title of the game captures the line that the setting walks between playing the premise straight and still having a little fun with the idea of playing talking dogs with swords:  Fetch Quest.


3-6 players choose one of the iconic heroes of Pugmire to play. There are two decks in the game: the Fortune deck allows players to add new abilities and items to their deck as the game plays, while the Challenge deck features the dangers of the Realms of Pugmire. Players will have to defeat ancient traps, outwit the science Cult of Labo Tor and put down powerful Unseen demons possessing other dogs. Each game session features four missions that the players must defeat and a line of Challenge cards that threaten the players with damage and added difficulty. Players play cards out of their hands to defeat these challenges or to achieve the requirements of the mission. If they are unable, challenges costs the player Stamina which can knock the player out of the current mission (though not out of the game). If all the players are ever in retreat, they lose the game. If they defeat four missions, they win.

Fetch Quest is a great game for fans of Pugmire who can’t convince their RPG group to play a game set in the world. The challenges show off some of the unique facets of the world and playing as one of the signature characters gives players a taste of one of the classes in the game. As it stands, the first few missions give the game an easy tutorial level feel before turning up the tension by adding in bigger monsters and tougher challenges in later missions. Fetch Quest also works wonders as an introduction to people not yet hooked into playing RPGs. It can be very easy for people playing to slip into character voices when discussing what challenges to face, and players might find themselves whimpering a bit when they flip their cards to the retreat side.


The Kickstarter is looking to raise money for new art and print enough copies that they can be found in friendly local gaming stores. Webb is hopeful of hitting a few stretch goals including more monsters, more missions and adding more playable characters to the game, including the iconic characters from Monarchies of Mau. Backers can get in on the action if they wish to back at a high enough level with options of sending in a photo of a dog for use as a photo reference for the additional art or even as a new character included in the Kickstarter booster pack for backers of the game. The Kickstarter runs until Thursday, June 21st, but backers can download a print and play set of cards to try it out right now.

Have you played in the Realm of Pugmire? Tell us about it in the comments! 

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