SCORPIO Comic Brings Special Collection to Kickstarter

The crew here at Nerdist loves Marvel and DC Comics, obviously. But we also have a lot of love for the independent comic creators of the world. It is in that space where we find an endless range of stories with diverse protagonists and incredible worlds worth exploration. Such is the case with Scorpio, an urban fantasy comic series by John Robinson IV. The series combines the tenets of the zodiac in a thrilling story with high stakes, ancient relics, fantasy, and more. And fans who want to support Scorpio can lend their financial hand to its Kickstarter, currently live. 

cover of scorpio comic
John Robinson IV/Marco Zuffranieri/Viviana Spinelli

But first, a bit more plot synopsis about Scorpio

Scorpio is a full color, urban fantasy action comic about an ambitious young CEO named Daniel Shim. who finds himself entangled with the mystic mysteries of his family legacy. Though intending to avoid the truth of his family past, it is discovered that he holds the ancient Scorpio relic known as the “Sword of Shadows,”  one of 12 that are affixed to the Celestial powers of the Zodiac. With this revelation, Danny now must face his past or lose everything that he holds dear.
page from scorpio comic
John Robinson IV/Marco Zuffranieri/Viviana Spinelli

In addition to Robinson’s writing, Scorpio is edited by Andrea Smith (Beautiful Soldiers). Marco Zuffranieri is the artist and coloring work comes from Viviana Spinelli of Titan Comics’ Doctor Who fame. 

The Kickstarter will give fans Scorpio Vol. 1, featuring issues 1-3, in a special edition with new art and behind-the-scenes commentary. And, as is the case with most Kickstarters, there will also be other awards including variant covers, art prints, and more. Everyone loves a goodie, right? If it sounds like your kind of jam, head over and toss a coin to an indie comic creator.

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