You Don’t Need Dice Or Cards To Play Games. You Just Need Scenarios.

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My friends and I play this game. Well, we play a lot of games, but we play this one when we want something that’s quick, can be played on the fly, and (like most games we play) requires some critical and creative thinking. We call it Scenarios.

Scenarios is exactly like it sounds: one person makes up a scenario and somebody else has to find a solution. There’s a twist, though. In each scenario, the scenario master includes three objects that must be used when completing the objective. These objects can be as helpful as gun in a sword fight or as useless as a baked potato in a maelstrom. Regardless, you still have to find a way to use them. Fortunately, there’s no One Correct Answer (there are wrong answers though).

This game is especially good for passing time when waiting in line, sitting around a campfire, or playing in between other games. One may also say that it’s a great way to practice situational awareness and decision making when thrust into ridiculous situations… like you often are in roleplaying games.

Try one out for yourself and let us know how you would solve the scenario below in the comments. If we think yours is particularly clever, creative, funny, or outlandish, we may just share it next week.


You’ve just spent the day at the fabulous Museum of the Past, which has a great number of items on display–from statues and paintings, to prototype computers and machinery, to fashionable furniture and clothing. It’s just about to close, and you decide to run to the restroom before they kick you out. Once you’re done, you step out to find that the museum has already been locked up for the night, and you’re still inside! Due to a recent rash of attempted burglaries, the museum has beefed up its security with automated drones that have been programmed to shoot first and ask questions later. The drones follow a set path in each of the rooms and will engage intruders on sight, but only on sight. You can freely walk through most of the exhibits, but there are barred gates in the hallways that lead to exits. How do you escape?

You on your person and have to use:

  • A bag of Cheetos
  • 4 cough drops
  • A red ballpoint pen

As you think it through, know that you’re allowed to make reasonable assumptions based on the situation as long as you explain what they are and stick with them. Maybe your solution requires water. Head on over to the restroom or drinking fountain, since it would be reasonable to assume the museum has both.

How would you solve this scenario? Let me know in the comments below!

Image Credit: Pixabay and Wookiepedia

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