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We all love mashups of our favorite fandoms and our favorite games, like  D&D.  Because we love the universe so much, we decided to make character sheets for your favorite Avatar!

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NO! No, not that…never that…

This Avatar:

AKA the best Avatar. We’ve made the cast of Avatar into D&D PCs so you can now bend with the best of them (but not like Beckham; we still haven’t figured out how to do that).


It wouldn’t be much of an Avatar D&D list without the Avatar himself, Aang! For this set, we’ve chosen to display Aang at level 7. This level gives Aang a bit of power without making him indestructible; basically about where he is when he starts learning water bending. As an Air Nomad, Aang was raised as a monk, and given that monks in D&D can learn the four elements, this was the perfect class for this character. Aang still has a lot of growing up to do at this point in the series, so I’ve made him chaotic good. Talk with your DM about how to incorporate Aang’s glider staff without making your PC too OP. Of course, you’re playing a monk in D&D, so OP is kinda the name of the game.


Katara is the only water bender of the Southern Water Tribe and, as such, is basically a folk hero for her people. Although you might be inclined to make Katara a druid from the Circle of the Moon, given the moon’s connection to water, it is actually better to take the Circle of the Land. Although Katara is from the South Pole, an arctic region, choosing the Coastal Circle archetype is a better fit for water benders, since this allows you use of both Water Breathing and Water Walk. Katara is also a natural healer and guiding force, so I’ve focused most of her spells on support and healing. Although here it says Katara is chaotic good, I would actually argue to play her as neutral good, since she has a stronger moral compass than either Sokka or Aang.


Sokka is Katara’s brother and often has felt like he lives in her shadow, given that she’s a bender and he isn’t. Although Sokka often wrestles with feelings of inadequacy, he is actually a strong fighter and master stratagem. As such, I’ve made Sokka a fighter and, more importantly, a Battle Master. The weapons listed here are the weapons Sokka uses throughout the show, so you may need to discuss how to convert them for 5e with your DM. Although Sokka does care about people, he is harder than either Aang or Katara, more willing to do what he needs to do even when it might not be the good choice. As such, I’ve made Sokka chaotic neutral, though he could just as easily work with a chaotic good alignment. Sokka, although great with weapons, will usually default to his boomerang, so I’ve given him the archery fighting style (+2  bonus to ranged attacks).


Our final sheet for this article is of everyone’s favorite bad-boy royal, Prince Zuko. Although Zuko is the nemesis of Aang in the beginning of the series, he isn’t actually evil. He wishes to capture the Avatar as a way to restore his honor and make his father proud, not as part of any nefarious plot to rule the world. Since he does not, at this point, care too much about good or evil, and is concerned with his selfish desires above all else, I made him chaotic neutral. I also made Zuko a sorcerer of a Draconic Bloodline because, as the descendant of Avatar Roku and the Firelord, a draconic ancestry (of the Red Dragon) makes complete sense. Zuko’s spell list is filled with fire and explosions, though no lightning since this is a skill he has yet to master at this time in the series (when Aang is learning to water bend).

And that concludes part 1 of our Avatar: The Last Airbender D&D sheets! Did you agree with our choices? Who do you want to see in part 2? Let us know in the comments!

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Character Sheets Created By: Ailea Merriam-Pigg

Images, Unless Otherwise Stated, Credited To: Nickelodeon Animation Studio

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