SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Put Pugs in Cute Little Celebrity Wigs

Jonah Hill‘s fifth time hosting Saturday Night Live was an odd one, mixing election-based sketches with an obligatory Five-Timers Club reprise, some surreal and seemingly improvisational humor, and more pre-recorded commercial parodies than usual. But in the last sketch of the evening, the cast and writers finally hit upon our weakness: LITTLE DOGGOS! In LITTLE WIGS!
The primary joke of this bit is a variation of one SNL has done before — actors playing non-actors trying to be actors, in this case hosting an infomercial for a store that makes hairpieces for dogs, and is definitely not a secret money-laundering scheme of some sort. But the writing is almost beside the point, which is to get cute dogs to play dress-up in wigs modeled on the distinctive hair patterns of everyone from Tina Turner to Jennifer Aniston and Larry David. Kudos to the dogs for handling it all very calmly. Especially when beards became involved as well.Hill manages a pretty solid deadpan, keeping a straight face even when the canine costars make expressions that cry out for an insta-reaction (and they certainly got one from us as we watched). For the first time in a while, SNL has shown off a fake store that should actually be a real thing. Never underestimate the public’s desire to see pets dressed up like they’re small humans — especially famous humans.

Would you put a wig on your dog? What celebrity hair would be the right fit? Tell us in comments below.

Image: NBC/SNL

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