SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Skewers Netflix’s Content Strategy With Hilarious Fake Shows

How does Netflix come up with so many new content ideas? According to last night’s Saturday Night Live, it’s because they’ll greenlight literally any idea they hear. And while we love so many things on Netflix (this year’s original movie Roma, by Alfonso Cuaron, is serious best-of-year material), it’s true that there’s sometimes just too much stuff to properly comprehend. Is there such an infinite loop of content that by the time you’ve scrolled all the way through, new stuff has been added to the beginning of the line? Maybe not, but it sometimes feels true.As far as original content, though, SNL is having fun with some of the premises here but we’d still 100% be in for a Crown prequel about Queen Elizabeth II’s high-school (okay, secondary school, anglophiles) years, or a gritty reboot of Family Matters. And Leslie Jones in a Van Getting Batteries should have been greenlit yesterday.

It’s interesting that they didn’t touch the Marvel shows at all — Mikey Day as Danny Rand is a thing that will probably never happen now, but really should have, while Kate McKinnon’s standard deadpan is close enough to Jessica Jones for laughs. But McKinnon, of course, was busy enough in the sketch as the only fan of Kennymeade Depot.But what would have happened on Heidi Gardner’s proposed show about a girl named Ginny? How can we be left in suspense like this? The world will presumably never know. Because it’s too busy looking for movies to watch in the infinite Netflix cloud.

Image: NBC

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