SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE Delivers a Hilarious KENAN & KEL(LY) Skit

Saturday Night Live stirred up a whole lot of millennial nostalgia recently. Host Keke Palmer, who also announced her pregnancy, teamed up with Kenan Thompson for a fun sketch that took us way back to Nickelodeon days. Keke and Kenan did a reboot of Kenan & Kel for a fun Saturday Night Live sketch… except, it is not Kel anymore but rather Kelly. And Kenan & Kelly is a mess. 

In the sketch, Kenan realizes that Keke has brought him into a mess of a reboot. He thought it would be a Jordan Peele project but alas, she just wants to rebrand his ‘90s TV show to Kenan & Kelly. The duo go back in time to the days of Kenan (the character) working in Rigby’s grocery store. Kelly is all over the place, from infusing the show with needless dramatics to her “Uh oh, here come the bus” catchphrase. It is in fact not as good as “Aww here it goes!” but she doesn’t care.

The actor Kenan is baffled about what’s going on, especially when an actor pitches him an Ed from Good Burger routine. But Kenan says they have someone already. And guess what? It’s Kel Mitchell, who makes a fun appearance and runs in to hug his long time friend—not Kenan, but orange soda. Then, a robber comes in and shoots Kel, which leads to more dramatics from Kelly. The show is not great. It is not even a little bit good. But Kenan and Kel reveal that they do get a call from Jordan Peele to do Yep, a sequel to Nope

kenan, kel, and keke palmer on kenan and kel sketch saturday night live

If only that Yep movie would actually happen. Either way, it felt magical to see Kenan and Kel together again on Saturday Night Live for some joy. And, Keke Palmer is forever a comedic delight, even if her Kelly doesn’t know what genre of show she’s in.

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