Jesse Eisenberg and Riley Keough Are a Happy Bigfoot Family in SASQUATCH SUNSET Trailer

Smartphones haven’t exactly bolstered belief that mythical creatures actually exist. We all walk around with video cameras in our pockets now. Yet we can’t get any definitive evidence of a chupacabra or fairy. Same goes for North America’s most infamous legend, Bigfoot. No has videotaped hairy man-like apes wandering in the woods. That doesn’t mean you can’t still see footage of of them, though. The first trailer for Sasquatch Sunset, starring Riley Keough and Jesse Eisenberg under a whole lot of makeup, follows a happy Bigfoot family as it tries to survive in secret.

Yes, you have questions. First off, Sasquatch Sunset is a real movie. Some people have already seen it. Second, that honestly is Riley Keough and Jesse Eisenberg playing fantastical beasts in a story that appears to be part absurd comedy, part moving family drama, and part treatise on mankind’s dominance over the natural world.

That should make for a very unusual, memorable film, but it’s nice to see a sasquatch starring in their own movie rather than just some beef jerky commercials. This might be their final chance to do so, though. The film follows what might be the last remaining bigfoots in the world. Here’s the official Sasquatch Sunset synopsis from Bleecker Street:

In the misty forests of North America, a family of Sasquatches—possibly the last of their enigmatic kind— embark on an absurdist, epic, hilarious, and ultimately poignant journey over the course of one year. These shaggy and noble giants fight for survival as they find themselves on a collision course with the ever-changing world around them.

A igfoot looks at a butterfly on his hands while another looks up at the sky in Sasquatch Sunset
Bleecker Street

Sasquatch Sunset comes from the Zellner Brothers, David and Nathan, who shared directing duties. The script comes from David, while Nathan stars in the film, which also features Christophe Zajac-Denek. It wanders into select theaters on April 12 and everywhere a week later on April 19.

If you see it make sure you document your experience! No one will believe you saw a bigfoot otherwise.

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