Would You Spend $80 to Zoom with Santa?

Like most things in 2020, the holiday season is a lot different this year. Caroling is not safe for singers or listeners. Loved ones can’t gather to share tales of the glories of Christmases long long ago. And children can’t sit on Santa Claus‘s lap and tell him what they want. But the most wonderful time of the year is adapting too. So while a trip to the mall might not be in order, families will be able to book a virtual trip to the North Pole this month. They will get a tour of Santa’s village before talking to the big man himself in a live chat. It’s a sweet alternative during an unusual year. But it costs a lot more than seeing him in the flesh.

Santa The Experience is a “magical Elf-guided journey from the comfort of your own home to the North Pole.” When you log in Pickles the Elf will be there to greet you and start you on your way around Santa’s home. You’ll help wake up Elf Dimples so she can feed the reindeer. From there Elf Bazzle will bring you to the mailroom, followed by checking in on Dasher and Prancer making a return trip to the stables. Tinsel the elf will then bring everyone into the toy room, before Mrs. Claus shows you the cookies she’s been making.

Finally, St. Nick himself will speak to his visitors. The call will be personalized for each group, thanks to info you provide ahead of time. You can also get a recording of your time with Santa. And during a live chat Santa will let you know if you’ve made the naughty or nice list.

Book a Virtual Visit With Santa in the North Pole_1Santa the Experience

Considering the price of this “magical” journey—which runs approximately 10 to 12 minutes total—everyone who books this experience should be considered nice. Depending on the time and day it can run anywhere from $30 to $80. (The closer to Christmas the more expensive it is.) When you think of that in terms of an hourly rate, Santa will be putting in a new wing of his Village in January.

Parents stuck in doors with their kids the last ten months might not care, though. A visit with Santa, even a short, expensive one, might be just as much a present for them.

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