The SAILOR MOON Redraw Challenge Is Magical

A “re-draw” challenge, or “draw in your own style” challenge, isn’t a brand-new trend to take over social media. In the challenge, digital artists take on the task of re-drawing a screenshot of an animated series, or sometimes simply another artist’s character, and fearlessly put their own unique style on it as an homage. Sailor Moon has long been a favorite subject of art challenges, and the latest one is sweeping social media faster than you can say “Moon Tiara Action.”

It all starts with a screenshot that appears to be from Sailor Moon S, the third season of the original television series.

Sailor Moon

Toei Animation

Sailor Moon’s look of concern and silent appeal to someone off-screen looks like she’s mid-battle and it’s not going well. Others see the expression on her face as quiet determination. Either way, this single screenshot has captured artist imaginations around the world. The “Sailor Moon Redraw” challenge has since taken off on Twitter, Tumblr, Deviantart, and more.

Seeing the artists’ wildly different styles, yet each one beautiful, highlights both the talent of the challenge takers and their love of the source anime. Here are just a few of our favorite takes on Sailor Moon, AKA Usagi Tsukino.

Naturally, some artists took the challenge outside the box–wayyyy outside the box–by mashing up Sailor Moon with another beloved fandom or giving a funny twist to their version. It is the internet, after all.

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Take a look through the hashtag for more artist interpretations of the Sailor Moon Redraw challenge. Do you have a favorite? Tell us which one in the comments.

Kelly Knox is a freelance writer in Seattle, WA who writes for Star Wars, DC Comics, and more. Follow her on  Twitter.

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