SAILOR MOON CRYSTAL Board Games are Here, for Love and Justice

Once upon a time, in the mid-2000s, it was impossible to find quality  Sailor Moon-themed merch to add to your collection—especially if you lived somewhere other than Japan. But now, thanks to the series’ 20th anniversary back in 2012 and the rebooted Crystal anime, there is more merch than ever. Like, seriously, now there are Sailor Moon themed products I didn’t even know I wanted and my wallet simply cannot keep up.

Case in point! Dyskami Publishing Company, a Canadian tabletop board game (so yes, they will be in English for all of us who can’t speak Japanese), has announced that two new Toei animation-licensed games inspired by Sailor Moon Crystal are coming to North America this year. The first, Sailor Moon Crystal: Dice Challenge, is a game where you roll different kinds of many-sided dice (think the kind you use for Dungeons & Dragons) to capture those of your opponent. If this sound familiar to any tabletop nerds out there, it’s because this is the same game mechanic used by the classic game  Button Men — which is because it was designed by the same game maker, James Ernest of Cheapass Games.

The second game, Truth Or Bluff, involves passing tiles and bluffing your way to gaining success tokens. When the end game condition is reached, the player with the most tokens at the end of the game wins  — and the player who caused the game to end in the first place loses. This one is slated for a fall release.

“We are absolutely thrilled to be producing a line of Sailor Moon Crystal board and dice games for fans of the series,” Dyskami Publishing Company President Mark MacKinnon said in a statement on their website. “Sailor Moon Crystal offers a dynamic range of iconic characters and rich storylines that makes it an ideal series for adaptation into tabletop games. Sailor Moon and her allies have spanned generations, capturing the hearts of both gamers and anime buffs since the early 1990s and we look forward to bringing them to the gaming table.”

Best of all, if you’re not a big fan of dice or bluffing, there are more Sailor Moon tabletop games on the way in 2018. Fingers crossed for some kind of a Crystal Tokyo-themed Settlers Of Catan, because I would 100% dig that (the robber could be Prince Demande, because he’s the worst). What kind of board game would you want to see next? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Toei Animation, Dyskami Publishing 


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