Sad Puppy Gets Emotional Over Mufasa’s Death in THE LION KING

Since one of our never-ending goals in life is to watch every adorable animal video on the internet, we’re used to being emotionally overwhelmed by a cute puppy doing something lovable. However, despite hundreds and hundreds of hours of seeing good doggos do almost anything you could think of, we were not prepared for this latest one. This… this is brutal, in both the best and worst way, because we genuinely cannot handle watching this puppy cry over Simba trying to wake up Mufasa in The Lion King.

Seriously, we’re not kidding. This video of four-year-old puppy Luna whimpering as she watches Simba prod his dead father is impossibly sad. Luna seems to know exactly what is happening in this scene, and almost seems to be putting herself in Simba’s shoes as they both come to the realization about what has just occurred.

Just when you think the video can’t get any more heartbreaking, Luna lies down at the same time Simba cuddles up to his father’s body. As Luna’s owner Josh Myers’s told Fox26 in Houston, that “was the sweetest thing I think I’ve ever seen.” HARD AGREE. Somebody please go hug that dog for us. Also hug all the dogs. Hug all the dogs all the time.

We are so sorry we made you watch that. Well, not totally sorry, because this is one of the greatest examples of why we love our pets so much and want to protect them from abuse. Imagine seeing a creature capable of that kind of empathy and not thinking they are worthy of being kept safe from all the Scars in the world.

We just hope this moment has prepared Luna in case she ever happens upon Disney’s Lion King remake in the future.

Featured Image: Walt Disney Studios

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