Ryan Reynolds, Rob McElhenney, and Puppies Make for a Perfect Interview

Fans of Wrexham’s football club will probably only care if their new owners bring a winning team to the pitch. But whether or not Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney ever find success on the scoreboard doesn’t matter to us. The duo turned their friendship into an unlikely ownership that has already brought us great joy. Not only is it fun seeing two incredibly likable celebrities hanging out, their exploits as soccer team owners has given us the delightful Welcome to Wrexham on FX. And now it’s given us nine minutes of internet perfection. Because the only thing better than learning Reynolds once auditioned for Superman and McElhenney once auditioned for Anakin Skywalker is learning all of that while watching them play with puppies.

Especially because the puppies have no idea why this was so cool.

It’s always fun hearing our favorite performers bring us behind the curtain to talk about their lives and careers. But the Deadpool star and his friend from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia and Mythic Quest gave us so much more during their episode of Buzzfeed’s “The Puppy Interview.” They answered questions about possible crossovers and cameos while petting some adorable dogs. (Who you can totally adopt!) And they did it even while the pups peed their way through a junke. (For humans that is almost always considered unprofessional during a junket.)

While there’s plenty of good nuggets and entertaining answers here, one question led to a million “what ifs.” Reynolds said he once auditioned to play Clark Kent, Meanwhile, McElhenney once read to play Anakin Skywalker. We can’t even process how different the pop culture landscape would be if that ever happened.

Rob McElhenney sits while Ryan Reynolds lies down looking at him while playing with puppies

But in some ways we don’t want to. Not because we wouldn’t want to see both of them in those respective roles. No, it’s because who knows what that might have meant for their careers. Maybe that would have meant we never saw them sit down with a room full of puppies.

And we don’t care how good their Superman and Anakin might have been. We really would hate to have missed out on this.

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