Ryan Reynolds Is Here to Help You Get Over Your Breakup

Breakups suck. Not only do you have to deal with the heartache, but they also make your life post-breakup super difficult. Returning borrowed items, dealing with shared friends, and figuring out what to do with the photos memorializing your time together is nothing short of tedious and sad. It’s even worse when that breakup happens a few days after a big event with tons of photographic evidence. Like prom, for instance.

When Gabi Dunn’s boyfriend ended their relationship after prom, she was stuck with loads of pictures of herself in a kick-ass dress standing next to her ex. Honestly, should a great picture of yourself in a beautiful gown get destroyed simply because you’re not dating the other person in the picture? Hell no! So Gabi decided to get creative, and she photoshopped red carpet pictures of Ryan Reynolds onto her boyfriend in all of her prom photos.

And while the idea would be hilarious on its own, Reynolds saw the tweet, and offered his suggestion to “enhance” other instances where her ex might appear. Namely, the school yearbook.

Getting over a break up is a whole lot easier when you’ve got Deadpool on your side! It looks like this whole things have given Gabi some really fun memories to drown out the bad ones from her breakup. And if nothing else, she’s got one heck of a story to tell at parties from now on.

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Have you ever photoshopped a celebrity onto pictures of an ex? Tell us about it in the comments!

Image: 20th Century Fox

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