Ryan Reynolds, the DEADPOOL Writers, and Michael Bay Are Making a Netflix Movie

Netflix does really well with its original content: The streaming platform has some of the best shows on television (or not on television, I suppose), and it’s become the premier destination for stand-up comedy specials. Where it doesn’t dominate quite as much, though, is its movies. It has its Adam Sandler films, yes, but as far as big-budget flicks go, its best attempt at that so far has been Bright, which did receive a lot of streams, but didn’t do so well critically.

So that one was a mixed bag, but based on the elements at play for their next attempt at a big original movie, it sounds like they could have their first major success. Six Underground is slated to hit Netflix in 2019, and it has an interesting combination of talent behind it (via The Hollywood Reporter). The movie is directed by explosion enthusiast Michael Bay, was penned by Deadpool writers Paul Wernick and Rhett Reese, and stars somebody the latter two know very well: Ryan Reynolds.The only other real information available about the movie is that the plot is about “six billionaires who fake their own deaths and form an elite team to take down bad guys.” What this sounds like to me is a group of six Batman-like, gadget-wielding vigilantes, who are perhaps comically ill-equipped in everything besides clever banter. This could be a real winner, and Netflix’s first box office smash… or whatever the streaming equivalent of that would be.

How does Six Underground sound to you? Could it repeat the action-comedy success of Deadpool? Let us know how you feel in the comments!

Featured image: Joe Lederer/Marvel

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